Robur Plus

Root health & disease Management

8 SPECIES OF BACILLUS sp.: The starting point of the soil microorganism food chain, these beneficial bacteria colonize the root system, forming a natural symbiotic relationship with the crop, solubilise essential minerals & fix atmospheric nitrogen, contribute to root growth–inducing hormone production.

ACTINOMYCETES & STREPTOMYCETES: Plays a vital role in organic matter turnover and carbon cycling. This replenishes the supply of nutrients in the growing medium and is an important part of humus formation. Actinomycetes produce larger levels of natural antibiotics and healthy populations give rise to healthy root zones.

5 SPECIES OF FUNGI TRICHODERMA: A strong, healthy root system, inoculated with a strong presence of antagonistic fungi will have the ability to aggressively out-compete pathogenic activity. It provides a major line of defense and protects the roots. Naturally creating commercial opportunities for an optimum rhizosphere.

HUMIC ACID / SEAWEED / SUGARS: This special formulation is designed to feed the bacteria and fungi in Robur plus. It provides the energy and nutrition to instigate a population explosion throughout the rhizosphere and surrounding growing media and extends the bacteria and fungal lifespan.


    • Root health & disease Management

Robur plus contains a complete range of bio-organisms and inoculants, when the root zone comes under pressure there is in place a full arsenal to out-compete and withstand any resident disease-causing bacteria and fungi.

    • Improved crop health, through the benefits of nutrient uptake, cycling, and availability.
    • Increased microbial activity
    • Enhanced growing media structure
    • Simple application, via a drip line
    •  PHI=0 days
    • Conventional & Organic farming

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