Natural Green Classic

Natural Green Classic

Plant Growth Enhancer

Nanotechnology Product


  • CaCO3 : 74%
  • MgCO3 : 12,5%
  • Si2: 4,4%
  • Fe: 5400 mg/kg
  • Mn: 60mg/kg
  • Zn: 11 mg/kg

Grain size: 7 (μm) (the average size of a bacterium)




  • NATURAL GREEEN Classic as a nanotechnology product penetrates into the leaf and ensures the immediate absorption of nutrients to the maximum extent.
  • The high content of Calcium and Silicon reduces evaporation and reduces stress from abiotic agents.
  • NATURAL GREEEN Classic strengthens cell walls and increases the resistance of plants to sucking insects.
  • NATURAL GREEEN Classic promotes photosynthesis and production of proteins, polyphenols and sugars. The higher concentration of sugars in combination with Calcium and Silicon substantially increase the post-harvest life of the products.

NATURAL GREEEN Classic combines perfectly with  HALO PLUS

NATURAL GREEEN Classic is applied foliarly.

Combines with most formulations. Avoid the combination with phosphates, phosphoric acid & strong oxidants.

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