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All information, texts, documents (including reports, press releases, technical specifications, photos, graphs, manuals, instructions, product descriptions, etc.), blueprints, programs, data, software, trade names, domain names, trademarks, logos, drawings, catalogues, products and/or services (hereinafter “the information”) offered or used through this website are the property of IQ CROPS , its suppliers or third parties, and are protected by copyright law, trademark law or other protection.

The user hereby explicitly accepts the obligation to use the information or portions thereof (and explicitly, but not exclusively, the documents included in this website) solely as a means of information, with no direct or indirect commercial objective. Further, in regard to any analogue or digital reproductions made, the user accepts the obligation to state the copyright information listed below on all copies, to refrain from changing and/or adding to the information and, without the prior permission of IQ CROPS , to refrain from publishing or otherwise disclosing to third parties any of the information or portions thereof.

Any wrongful use of the information or portions thereof, and/or any use in violation of these provisions, is explicitly prohibited and may lead to civil-law or criminal-law penalties.

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Links to the website are only permitted in so far as it is clearly presented to the user that the link is located on the IQ CROPS website or the user being sent via the link to the IQ CROPS website. Deep linking (creation of direct links to a document or page within this website) and framing (including information of this website or potions there of on another website) are explicitly prohibited.

Information offered on or via this website may contain errors of various natures, either in relation to form or content of this information. Neither IQ CROPS nor its suppliers guarantee the suitability, reliability, timeliness or precision of this information. This information is supplied and displayed without any form of guarantee (in other words, is supplied “as is”). Under no circumstances is IQ CROPS liable for any direct losses or consequential losses or any other losses of any nature whatsoever resulting from the loss of use, information or revenues, regardless of cause.

IQ CROPS is not liable for any losses whatsoever, direct and/or indirect losses, including personal injury and property damage, non-material damages, consequential loss (loss of profit and/or losses due to business stoppage) and all other losses arising from or otherwise relating to the use and/or operation of this website, with delays in the use of this website and/or the inability to use this website, the provision of the services and/or the failure to provide services, even if IQ CROPS is notified of the possibility of losses being suffered. Exceptions to this provision are only possible in cases of intent or gross negligence on the part of IQ CROPS (not including intent or gross negligence on the part of its personnel or other persons falling under IQ CROPS ’s realm of risk).

Advice via the website
If any direct or indirect advice, tips or recommendations are given via the website in reference to practical, technical, financial, legal or other personal or business decisions, then this is given without any form of guarantee. The user must always consult an expert on the issue for supplemental information in regard to advice specifically tailored to the individual situation. Under no circumstances is IQ CROPS liable for the advice, tips or recommendations.

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This website may contain links to or otherwise refer to websites or web pages of third parties, such as dealers, partners and resellers. The placement of links to other websites or web pages does not in any way entail any implicit or explicit approval of the content of those websites or web pages. IQ CROPS has no control over the content of such websites or web pages, and cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for the content thereof.

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This use agreement is governed by the law of the Netherlands. Disputes arising from this agreement that cannot be resolved amicably will be adjudicated by the competent court in Greece, to the exclusion of all other forums, unless IQ CROPS expresses the preference for another competent court in contravention of this clause.

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