IQ CROPS Ltd (member of The DKG Group) provides intelligent agricultural supplies/services to the agricultural/food chain sectors. IQ CROPS is one of the leading supply companies in hydroponics in Greece and Balkan countries covering the whole cycle of needs of a modern Greenhouse Grower with supplies such as:

* Grodan® hydroponic substrates, plugs and blocks
* drainage gutters (plastic and metal)
* irrigation systems
* fertigation machinery
* soil coverings
* fertilizers
* enhancers

In general, IQ CROPS Ltd promotes innovative solutions based in new technologies and scientific results offering safety to the consumers and the environment towards natural systems and biological solutions that promote plant health and growth.

The Photo is from the DKG GROUP awarded by the Organization of GRODAN for the 25 Years of Offer in Hydroponics at Southeastern Mediterranean (06.06.2019).

From left: Evangelos Drimtzias (IQ CROPS / DKG GROUP), Vincent Kuijvenhoven (Export Manager  GRODAN)

The photo is from the signing of the contract of IQ CROPS Ltd with Plant Health Cure BV on 06/12/2019 in Ierapetra.

From left: Christos D. Katsanos (IQ CROPS / DKG GROUP, Pius Floris (Founder and Manager of Plant Health Cure BV), Evangelos Drimtzias (IQ CROPS / DKG GROUP).