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GroSens and e-Gro

Innovative growing tools

At each stage of growth the use of our products is supported by innovative tools which allow the propagator and grower to monitor and manage the root zone environment in the most optimal way possible.


One of our latest innovations we introduced is GroSens® MultiSensor. This is a wireless, multi-sensor measuring system. This wireless and flexible multi-sensor measuring system enables highly accurate and reliable 24/7 real-time insight into the WC, EC and temperature of the root environment. The GroSens system, in combination with Grodan stone wool substrate products and advice, is the best way of achieving optimum results in production and cost savings.

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e-Gro is our latest service to support customers with a GroSens® MultiSensor system. Customers who need to have ‘real-time’ reporting on their substrate, have the opportunity to connect their GroSens system to the e-Gro app. The app offers growers the possibility to get the maximum out of their substrate. The benefits of e-Gro are:

  • e-Gro is mobile: easy to use at anytime and anywhere on your online smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • e-Gro is interactive: customise and optimise irrigation strategy with alerts and notifications year-round 24/7
  • e-Gro improves decision making to maximize production and fruit quality
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